Vicenti Partner Ernie Cooper Shares How to Avoid Tax and Other Financial Scams in Podcast

Partner Ernie Cooper, CPA/CFF, CFE, JD, was recently interviewed in the California Society of CPAs’ Financial Empowerment podcast about tax and other financial scams. Ernie shares a wide range of financial scams, tips for avoiding them, as well as demographics most likely to be targeted.

For financial fraudsters, tax season is their favorite time of the year. Many scam artists impersonate tax preparers or IRS officials and use methods to get your private information. In this podcast, Ernie points out some important red flags to keep in mind this time of year, including that fraudsters “may say you have a refund due and will try to trick you into providing private information like your bank account.”

Important tips from Ernie to keep in mind: “Folks just need to know that number one, the IRS will never never call you on the telephone or even by email to demand any kind of a payment; they will never call to threaten you, to have you arrested if you don’t pay money. The IRS does not initiate with taxpayers by email.”

Ernie shares that financial scams come in all forms; from scamming small businesses to targeting the elderly and taking advantage of college students. For more details on tax and other financial scams, listen to the full podcast posted below.