A not-for-profit entity, no matter what its purpose, must be run like a business in order to survive. As any business, not-for-profit organizations are subject to governmental reporting requirements. Those may include, but are not limited to, an annual Form 990 for the Internal Revenue Service, a Form 199 for the Franchise Tax Board, and an RRF-1 for the Registry of Charitable Trusts.

Who Needs This Service?

  • Tax exempt organizations
  • Any organization whose requirement for filing tax returns is based on annual revenues and total assets

Benefits to Our Clients

  • Vicenti not-for-profit tax experts are experienced with preparation of the information tax returns required of your organization.
  • We can assist you year-round if you have issues or concerns related to your tax exempt organization.
  • We can help your organization with planning and the minimization of unrelated business income taxes and excise taxes.