Our Litigation Consulting practice derives from an earnest respect for the law and a deep understanding of the litigation process.

We are investigators by nature. Our focus is on discovering the truth: understanding the meaning of complex and voluminous accounting and financial data, and explaining the meaning of the information to lawyers, judges, and juries. Vicenti provides investigative and discovery support, analyzes data, and consults on strategy. We reconstruct accounting and financial records, trace funds, discover hidden assets and unreported income. Vicenti issues written work product in the form of memoranda and schedules, charts and visual aids, and expert reports. And we testify. We are experts, but we have also testified as lay witnesses and summary witnesses from time to time.

Vicenti provides litigation support in a wide range of matters involving dishonesty, including:

  • Financial Fraud
  • Conversion/Embezzlement
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Fraudulent Transfer
  • Alter-Ego & Vicarious Liability
  • Shareholder/Partnership Disputes
  • Adversarial Proceedings in Bankruptcy
  • Probate & Trust Litigation
  • Marital Dissolution