Is your Anti-Fraud Program providing the protection and the daily peace of mind you want? Fraud steals integrity, productivity, reputation, credibility and precious resources.

Vicenti Forensic Services provides a Fraud Risk Check-up and Assessment service as an effective and cost-efficient way to assess your organization’s vulnerability to fraud, and to evaluate your existing anti-fraud program. This check-up and assessment is conducted by our multi-disciplinary team of fraud experts comprised of CPAs, Certified Fraud Examiners and former law enforcement investigators, including the FBI.

Your commitment to this assessment is a statement of commitment to a culture of ethical conduct – sending a clear and positive message about management efforts to prevent and detect fraud.

I found the Fraud Check-Up to be very informative and helpful both in how and where we address changes. Vicenti had a good understanding of our industry and related well to our people.

Lori Gordien Case, Associate V.P. of Finance - University of La Verne

Benefits to Our Clients

  • The service is conducted at an affordable fixed fee with no hidden cost.
  • Provides a penetrating and critical look at your current anti-fraud program and involves interviews of key personnel, review of documents, and certain analytical procedures – all conducted with minimal distraction to your organization.
  • Identifies measures to prevent a costly disaster and loss of reputation from fraud.
  • Pinpoints opportunities to save money and gain or maintain advantage using anti-fraud measures.
  • Evaluates and determines if effective financial internal controls are in place.
  • Assists in compliance with regulatory or legal requirements.
  • Demonstrates your attention given and commitment to reducing the risk of fraud.
  • Promotes ethical reputation and high standards for everyone.
  • Enables you and all those involved in your anti-fraud program to stay abreast of current fraud trends and standards.