The Vicenti Fraud Solutions Investigation Services is an effective and discreet team of professional fraud experts that use a proven process to deliver a thorough investigation, while protecting a positive work environment. Vicenti investigators know how to handle allegations and circumstances which may involve fraud and abuse from whistle-blower letters, hotlines, anonymous tips, exit interviews and other sources of complaints. This could include the investigation of fraud from employee misappropriations, theft, and embezzlement; check disbursement schemes; cash receipts schemes; conflict of interest, bribery and corruption schemes; procurement fraud, including both vendor and employee scheme; payroll fraud; employee reimbursement schemes; and overall abuse and/or fraud within your organization.

Who Needs This Service?

Any organization, company, or the attorney representing you

Benefits to Our Clients

  • Quickly responds to your concerns and works hands-on with you to professionally assess the situation and help you determine if an investigation is warranted and if the necessary predication does exist to begin a formal investigation.
  • Works with both in-house and/or outside counsel assigned to represent your interest.
  • Conducts investigations in a professional and discreet manner and knows how to work with your internal audit and/or internal investigative staff to minimize the cost of the overall investigation.
  • Can work with you in the presentation of findings to your board of trustees or directors.