Recent reports confirm that fraud schemes steal your reputation, credibility and precious resources – with an average loss for U.S. businesses of 7% of revenues. Fraud steals from everyone.

Our Ethics and Fraud Awareness Workshop Series is a practical and effective step to building a frontline defense system against fraud. It includes seven highly-practical and fast-paced 2-4 hour sessions and delivers dramatic, real-life insights to fraud schemes. Tailored to your specific organization or company, participants learn to directly apply working concepts to their specific situation with concrete, take-away measures and tools to reduce fraud and promote an ethical environment. Training includes expert speakers, interactive instruction, video presentations, group discussions and role-play exercises.

  • 101: An Overview of Ethics and Fraud
  • 102: Six Essentials to Building a Fraud Prevention & Ethics Program
  • 103: Five Ways to Detect Fraud and Minimize Your Fraud Losses
  • 201: Assessing Your Organization for Fraud
  • 202: Hotline Essentials and Other Anonymous Report Mechanisms
  • 203: The Ideal Internal Audit Function
  • 301: Your Role and Responsibilities in Fraud Investigations

Benefits to Our Clients

  • Action steps to promote a fraud-free environment
  • Establish and sustain an effective fraud prevention and ethics program
  • Help identify major potential fraud gaps and measures to correct deficiencies
  • Learn about one of the most effective tools to prevent and detect fraud: Hotline Anonymous Reporting
  • Internal auditing as a key element in any anti-fraud program
  • Your role and responsibilities in a fraud investigation