Vicenti works closely with our clients to combat fraud in the workplace. Our services are conducted by our multi-disciplinary team of fraud experts (CPAs, Certified Internal Auditors, Certified Fraud Examiners and former law enforcement investigators including the FBI).  These services are designed to promote a fraud-free workplace and include the following:

Ethics & Fraud Assessment/Training

Fraud Risk Check-Up & Assessment Service

Experts providing you with a powerful test of your organization's fraud health. Proven success for early identification of risks with a learning and educational process; an easy, affordable method to identify gaps in your fraud program; the opportunity to fix 'potential fraud problems' early; and an opportunity to establish relationships with fraud experts.

Ethics and Fraud Awareness Workshop Series

Establishing a frontline fraud protection program in partnership with your organization. This series of highly practical sessions delivers dramatic, real-life insights about fraud schemes and provides a clear understanding for establishing an effective fraud prevention and ethics program as the first line of defense in prevention, detection and stopping fraud.

Internal Control Advisors

When you need experts that identify red flags and install effective controls. From internal control documentation, assessment and recommendations for improvement, to the monitoring of high risk areas, performing internal audit functions, using technology tools for internal audit functions, and developing and implementing your fraud and code of ethics policies.