Exit planning is a process that focuses on the important needs of owners of closely-held businesses who are contemplating a change in or transition of their business ownership, whether by selling to a third party or transferring ownership to family members, co-owners or employees.

Studies show that 7 out of 10 mid-sized businesses will transfer ownership in the next decade. These studies conclude that only 28 percent of private businesses have done exit planning… or 72 percent have done nothing. One study shows that only one out of four businesses for sale actually sells.

Consider this: If you are one of the 28 percent who has done planning, do you think the likelihood of having a successful transition is better? We strongly believe it is!

Vicenti, Lloyd & Stutzman has a team of advisors who specialize in helping business owners transition their business.

Who Needs This Service?

Any business owner who will need to exit their business, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, and assess the value of their business.

Benefits to Our Clients

  • We can help assess what your business is worth today, and what you can do to increase the value.
  • We can determine and suggest the best time to leave or exit your business.
  • We can help you decide the best structure for exiting your business while minimizing your tax liability.
  • If you want to transfer ownership to family or management, we can can suggest ways to do so most effectively.
  • We can help minimize your risk in a transfer.