Vicenti, Lloyd & Stutzman has been a leading provider of consulting services to California Community College Districts for over 30 years.

Our firm’s mission is to “Make a Positive Difference in Our World”. We take this very seriously. We look upon our relationships with our clients as that of a “strategic partner”. We look at our work with you as an opportunity to help you be more successful and to effectively carry out Public Education’s missions. We try to offer ideas and suggestions that will benefit the future of your organization and help you tackle issues as they arise.

We know the language, issues, and culture of the education market, so you will not have to take time to familiarize us with your business. You will also have the confidence and assurance that comes from knowing your work is being performed by a highly qualified and experienced team of industry specialists.

While our technical expertise and depth of knowledge are extensive, our greatest strength lies in our people. Clients compliment us on the efficiency of our engagements, our understanding of their issues and systems, and on the ease of working with our constructively helpful, yet non-critical staff.

Who Needs This Service?

Community College Districts, including Auxiliary Organizations and Foundations, in need of assistance in the following areas. If your college has other consulting needs not listed, please contact us. We may be able to help with the project or connect you with someone that can help.

  • Internal Control Reviews
  • Assistance with Fiscal Accountability Plan Development
  • Provide Interim CBO/Staffing Solutions
  • Assistance with preparation of CCFS 311 financial report and CCFS 320 Attendance Reports
  • Assistance with categorical accounting
  • Preparation of Indirect Cost Rate Calculations under both the Department of Defense and the Department of Health and Human Services
  • Budgeting and Analysis
  • Financial Analysis and support for Collective Bargaining
  • Assistance with Collective Bargaining
  • Fixed Asset and Inventory Services
  • GASB Implementation (including GASB No. 34/35, GASB No. 39, and GASB No. 45.)
  • Tax related issues such as unrelated business income; payroll and sales and used tax issues; and required informational return preparation
  • Assistance with developing a comprehensive fraud prevention program including fraud hotline services (see our website at for more information on this service)

Benefits to Our Clients

  • We bring a strategic perspective to engagements rather than focusing exclusively on the task at hand.
  • Our personnel receive extensive and ongoing professional training through seminars, workshops, courses, and publications. They are experts in the education field.
  • Our status as a large, local firm allows us to offer a wide range of services while remaining flexible and responsive to client needs.
  • We have a more than 50-year record of commitment to the education industry.