Vicenti, Lloyd & Stutzman has built an excellent reputation as a firm committed to providing top quality audit, accounting, and consulting services to our charter school clients. We are experienced in the business of charter schools and provide services to over 50 charter school clients throughout the state of California.

Since Vicenti is independent of our charter school clients, our primary goal is to provide them with objective observations regarding their financial statements, accounting controls, and financial reporting processes. We work closely with our clients to help them understand and adjust to the evolving accounting and regulatory changes in the charter school industry.

Who Needs This Service?

Any charter school in the state of California in need of top quality audit, accounting, and consulting services

Benefits to Our Clients

It is our duty to our clients to be well educated about the issues facing the charter school industry. We achieve this by actively participating in various organizations and subscribing to several publications. We are equally committed to keeping our professionals apprised of the latest technical developments in the areas of audit, accounting (including GASB 34), tax, and information systems.

As a service to our clients, we attempt to distribute technical information updates as soon as we become aware that a specific client will be affected by a new accounting pronouncement or tax law change. We have an extensive reference library and Internet service capacity at our office, and they are available to our clients. In brief, we are able to help you deal with the multitude of significant issues you and other charter schools face.