There are times when things do not go well in a business owner’s life. Disputes with a partner or shareholders, customers, vendors and others can arise that need the services of an attorney. Our group has extensive experience in working with attorneys as expert witnesses or pre-trial consultants, developing strategy to present information that is clear and easy to understand. Creating understandable data is critical in litigation matters.

Who Needs This Service?

Any dispute that involves or may involve litigation

Benefits to Our Clients

Our training and experience enables us to cut through tough issues and help legal counsel develop the best way to present facts relating to the case. Our experience includes these areas of litigation:

  • California Corporations Code 2000 Fair Value Valuations
  • Damage Calculations – Quantifying Economic Damages
  • Lost Profits Calculations
  • Breach of Contract
  • Investigation of Allegations by Shareholders
  • Buy/Sell Agreement Valuations
  • Marriage Dissolutions involving Valuation of Business Interests
  • Personal Injury