It is not every day that business owners or their advisors need a valuation professional, but when a valuation is needed, it is often during an important crossroads event in an owner’s life, such as buying and selling a business, bringing in new partners, transferring ownership of the business to children, or litigation between shareholders or competitors. When you reach a crossroads event in your business and financial life, our expertise can help you and your advisors make effective decisions.


Business Planning

Whether you are buying a new business or bringing in a new partner, we can help you by providing objective advice about the business value.

Tax Issues

Nearly every financial transaction that a business owner enters into has tax implications. Estate and gift tax, purchase or sale of a business, operating multiple entities and more can impact the financial net worth of an owner.

Litigation Consulting

There are times when things do not go well in a business owner’s life. Disputes with a partner or shareholders, customers, vendors and others can arise that need the services of an attorney.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is an important concept for owners who are leaving their businesses. This type of planning primarily focuses on the transfer of leadership and/or management from one generation to the next within the business.