Vicenti, Lloyd & Stutzman has been a leading provider of audit services to joint power agreements for 55 years.

Our firm’s mission is to “Make a Positive Difference in Our World”. We take this very seriously. We look upon our relationships with our clients as that of a “strategic partner”. We consider the audit process to be more than just providing what is needed to meet State, Federal, or lending requirements, even though that is certainly important. We look at our work with you as an opportunity to help you be more successful. We consider ourselves business advisors as well as accountants, and correspondingly try to offer ideas and suggestions that will benefit the future of your organization and help you tackle issues as they arise, even if not related to the audit engagement.

We know the language, issues, and culture of joint power agreements, so you will not have to take time to familiarize us with your business. You will also have the confidence and assurance that comes from knowing your work is being performed by a highly qualified and experienced team of industry specialists. You can go about your business and leave the audit responsibility to us.

Who Needs This Service?

Government Code Section 6505(b) requires Joint Power Authorities to have an annual audit by a certified public accounting firm.

Benefits to Our Clients

  • We bring a strategic perspective to engagements rather than focusing exclusively on the task at hand. We strive to help the organization improve internal controls and procedures through the audit process.
  • Our personnel receive extensive and ongoing professional training through seminars, workshops, courses, and publications. They are experts in the education field.
  • Our status as a large, local firm allows us to offer a wide range of services while remaining flexible and responsive to client needs.
  • We have a more than 55-year record of commitment to the joint power agreement industry.