Annual audits are required by the California Community College System Office. The audit requirements include financial as well as compliance certifications.

Our goals when auditing community college districts are to provide:

  • accurate financial statements,
  • feedback on internal control procedures which will be of value to our clients,
  • thorough evaluation of required compliance areas,
  • draft of audited financial statement in sufficient time to allow review by district staff
  • timely submission of financial statements to the System Office, and
  • clear communication of the audit report to the Board of Trustees to allow them to fulfill their fiduciary responsibility regarding District finances.

We have developed audit programs and staff training modules that address the specific requirements of community college audits. We pride ourselves in providing trained staff who are knowledgeable in community college accounting and compliance areas.Client Testimonial

The Vicenti audit teams we have worked with through the years have been the best. They are professional, courteous, and so organized it has been a pleasure to work with them…

Wanda Doty, AP/Budget Manager - Coast CCD (October 2010)

Who Needs This Service?

All California community college districts

Benefits to Our Clients

  • Over 35 years of experience auditing community college districts
  • Experience with both single and multi-college districts
  • Experience as consultants for 50% Law compliance litigation
  • Conference speakers on the subject of 50% Law calculation and requirements
  • Understand the uniqueness of the shared governance environment/culture
  • Understand the entrepreneurial nature of bookstore and food service operations
  • Work collaboratively with district administration and related foundations
  • Understand the importance and complexity of completing the Federal Form 990 for foundations, including the Form 990-T for unrelated business income.