Has a bank or other interested party requested an audited financial statement? An audit provides the highest level of assurance that the financial statements reflect the financial position of an organization at a given date. We audit financial statements of private companies and attach an audit report with an opinion drawn from the work that we have performed, but we do not stop at giving an opinion. Our goal is to help you use your financial statements as a tool that will provide you with insight and information that will be useful for making future decisions.

Who Needs This Service?

  • Business owners who are interested in having an independent verification that their financial statements reflect their financial position
  • Companies that are required to have an audit by some outside interested party
  • Companies that are planning to sell in the future

Benefits to Our Clients

  • Independent verification that the details of what is owned and owed by your company is properly recorded and that income and expenses are accurately reflected based on the items tested
  • Some of your company’s internal controls are tested
  • An assessment of your company’s risk of errors in financial reporting is performed
  • Comments for management are provided when areas for improvement are identified