Interim Controllership

How much money are you really making each month? Are your business transactions being recorded properly? Have you ever wanted someone to review the work of your staff? Are all your compliance returns being filed in a timely manner?

It is vital that a business makes a profit each month in a timely manner. To facilitate this, it is important that the business owner have someone with adequate education and training who they can depend on to assist at a financial level. If a company’s size or financial budget does not allow for a full time employee such as this, our service of external controllership is a perfect fit. It provides financial assistance at a professional level in a timely manner without the cost of hiring a full time employee. This service can range from direct online access to multi-day visits. The goal of an external controllership is to act as the financial expert and advise the owner of any changes that need to be made, provide any necessary training to staff, close out the monthly books, and to serve as the expert with all compliance requirements.

Who Needs This Service?

Businesses that do not have the accounting expertise readily available with their current staff need this service. In addition, if there is a need for a full-time position to handle such financial duties, yet the financial resources are not yet in place to hire such a person, this service can provide an interim solution for a growing company.

Benefits to Our Clients

  • Accurate and timely financial statements
  • Reduced cost savings on additional salary and benefits expenses
  • Monthly on-site advice
  • Training for existing staff on proper controls
  • Implementation of procedures to reduce fraud