At Vicenti, Lloyd & Stutzman, we feel it is our obligation to not only keep current with general accounting literature, but also with the issues facing the Joint Power Authority (JPA) and education industries. We achieve this by actively participating in various organizations and subscribing to publications regarding the education industry.

We are available to help deal with the multitude of significant issues facing you and other organizations in your industry. Some of the important issues we currently assist our clients with include:

  • Preparation for the continued implementation of GASB No. 34, GASB No. 39, and GASB No. 45
  • Fraud investigations
  • Fraud hotlines
  • Tax-related issues such as unrelated business income, payroll and sales and used tax issues, required informational return preparation

We also recognize the increased level of responsibility being placed upon the governing boards of governmental entities, not-for-profit organizations, and public corporations. As a result of recent public scandals, we respect the sensitivity governing boards have when assessing their relationship with their auditors. The public accounting industry is built on maintaining independence, objectivity, and integrity, and this includes being free of conflicts of interest when serving in the attest function. These are responsibilities we take very seriously.

Who Needs This Service?

Joint Power Authorities throughout the state of California

Benefits to Our Clients

  • We bring a strategic perspective to engagements rather than focusing exclusively on the task at hand. We strive to help the organization improve throughout the engagement.
  • Vicenti has built an excellent reputation as a firm committed to providing top quality audit, accounting, and consulting services to our JPA clients. We are experienced in the business of JPA’s.
  • Our personnel receive extensive and ongoing professional training through seminars, workshops, courses, and publications.
  • Our status as a large, local firm allows us to offer a wide range of services while remaining flexible and responsive to client needs.
  • We have been successful in maintaining long-term relationships with our existing JPA and education clients.
  • We have a more than 55-year record of commitment to the education industry.