Vicenti, Lloyd & Stutzman has many years of experience auditing community college districts. This experience has led to providing consulting services in various areas including evaluation of internal control procedures, evaluation of security for computer systems, reconciliation of payroll clearing accounts, special projects involving student financial aid operations and evaluation of records, fixed-asset accounting procedures and inventories.

Vicenti can also assist with fraud prevention and protection services.

Who Needs This Service?

All California community college districts

Benefits to Our Clients

  • Over 35 years of experience auditing community college districts
  • Experience as consultants for 50% Law compliance litigation
  • Conference speakers on the subjects of fraud risks, 50% Law calculation and requirements
  • Preparation of Indirect Cost Proposal calculations
  • Consulting services providing evaluation of internal control procedures in the areas of cash collections, fixed-asset accounting, etc.
  • Experience providing expert/technical guidance/consultation to/for:
    • California Community College System Office
    • The Fiscal Standards Committee
    • The Accreditation CommitteeRevisions to the Budget and Accounting Manual