We are seeking people whose objective is to make a long-term commitment to public accounting and business consulting. We look for people who have a sense of dedication and initiative, demonstrate professionalism, and are team players. Vicenti team members have the motivation to achieve their personal as well as professional goals.

Vicenti has a pleasant working environment. We are ultimately a group of individuals operating as a team. Being an active team member is as important to Vicenti as your individuality. Everyone at Vicenti, Lloyd & Stutzman is a unique and special individual who enjoys working in our profession and the surrounding community.

If you qualify for a position with Vicenti, Lloyd & Stutzman, it is because you demonstrate the skills and potential necessary to succeed in public accounting. Once on board, you go through an orientation and minimum 40-hour training program. New staff are quickly assigned to client projects that immediately use their skills and enhance their knowledge. You can expect to learn a great deal and gain real world experience in a very short time.

We encourage our team members to use insight, creativity, and to be practical when pursuing solutions to clients’ problems and concerns. This is a dynamic profession, and one that is constantly changing. Today’s answers are probably not tomorrow’s solutions. Therefore, you need to stay current on industry trends and issues.

Our future goals for Vicenti are to increase our client base and the array of services we offer our clients. We are involved in a continuous practice development program which involves all members of the Vicenti Team. As we continue to grow, we continually seek out members whose career goals will not only help Vicenti succeed but will also help you succeed.

Application Requirements

We are always looking for qualified people to add to our team, and we encourage you to apply any time during the year. We normally start interviewing in the fall for the following July hiring date.


Vicenti offers full-time internships, which start in July and continue until December. Our internship hiring process starts in November for the following year. You can submit your resume here.