Local-Global logo PMS 315Community service has always been part of Vicenti, Lloyd & Stutzman’s culture. In fact, the very purpose of Vicenti is to make a positive difference in our world. We do this by providing exemplary services to our clients while caring for people, our community and the world in which we live.

In the past, Vicenti worked towards fulfilling its purpose by encouraging its employees to participate on non-profit and local community boards. With the onset of the economic crises in 2008, however, the Partners of Vicenti believed it was vital for our firm to increase its collective efforts to serve the community and environment during a time of increasing needs. This led Vicenti employees at all levels to form the CARE (Community, Action, Responsibility and Environment) Committee to focus on taking action and responsibility for our community and environment.

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CAREing Locally

Vicenti actively serves within the local community by participating in two major community service events annually, as well as other smaller events, drives, and fundraisers throughout the year. Our firm recently received local and statewide awards from the California Society of CPAs for our public service efforts.

Taking Action in Our Community

Taking Responsibility for Our Environment

  • Recycling paper, aluminum, plastic, old cell phones, E-waste, and batteries
  • Using timers to automatically shut off lights
  • Carpooling to client locations
  • Reducing usage of plastic cups and bottles
  • Providing employees with reusable cups and shopping bags
  • Implementing a paperless filing system

CAREing Globally

Vicenti is now a proud business member of B1G1, a global giving initiative that makes it possible for local businesses like Vicenti to make a difference on a global scale. 100% of Vicenti’ contributions to this organization are given directly to not-for-profit organizations around the world that provide critical resources and services, from education, to clothing, to the simplest and most vital of necessities—clean water.

Vicenti has chosen to partner with B1G1 because it is an activity-based giving program that can easily be tied to the completion of services for our clients and other everyday business activities. Giving possibilities include anything from donating clean water to one person for a day for every client’s tax return we prepare, to donating a day of education for every person who attends one our speaking engagements. This type of giving ensures that we are making it a habit and that the joy of giving is being shared with our clients and colleagues, too.

We are thrilled to be a partner with B1G1 and, with the help of our clients and colleagues, to truly make a positive difference in our world. Take a look at our giving impact below—it is growing every day!

If you, or someone you know, are interested in being involved with B1G1, go to www.B1G1.com to experience all the good they are doing every day.

Learn more about our giving in the story featured in B1G1’s website.


Want to learn more about B1G1? Watch this video.